Solve Your Baby's 
Gas Pains,
Reflux, and
Poop Problems 
(without over-restricting your diet!)

... even if you don’t know if your baby has sensitivities, 
you have been stuck in the "lack of improvement" zone, or
you have backed yourself into the elimination diet corner.

in this FREE class, you'll learn:

How to find the root cause of your baby's tummy troubles, so you can finally fix the fussies
3 myths stopping you from getting symptom relief the fastest
My method of getting a solid end point in sight (without waiting weeks)
How diet strategies can pinpoint problem foods without depriving yourself

Symptoms of
food issues can look the same as symptoms of feeding issues.

Narrowing it down on your own has been a struggle,

you feel frustrated that you aren't getting anywhere,

and you just want your baby to feel better.

If you had told first-time-mom me that it's possible to actually know the thing triggering all this pain in your little one, I'd call your bull.

But I got educated on the emerging evidence and I’ve helped hundreds of families do it. So you can too.

Making diet changes to help your baby's tummy troubles actually CAN make a difference. 

  • A happy baby with longer content lapses.
  • A baby who poops normally and regularly without the blood, mucous or green.
  • A baby who spits up at least less

If you give your baby breastmilk (any way, any amount), then getting a solid strategy to make the RIGHT diet changes for your situation is a no-brainer.

This mind-blowing free “how to” session will show you my exact methods to changing whatever YOU need to have a happy healthy baby (not the general fluff you find out there - pinky promise).

Meet Robyn.

Hey there - I’m Robyn and I'm known as @breastfeeding.dietitian, the Registered Dietitian + Certified Breastfeeding Specialist who helps moms get to the bottom of baby tummy troubles.

I see you out there avoiding food after food, just chasing anything that could be disrupting your little one's sleep every single night because of gas and discomfort.

To stop the madness, I dived head first into the research, completed countless hours of continuing education, and built up first-hand clinical experience to help moms just like you pinpoint the root cause and create a plan to help their baby feel better.

That's where my specialty lies. I have the training, education AND experience to make sure your diet changes are actually going to pay off. I look at the WHOLE picture beyond the symptoms.

I'm dedicated to supporting you to feed your baby the way you CHOSE to. And chances are, if you're here, you chose breastfeeding (at least in some amount!). Let me help you have confidence in yourself to keep doing it without worry.

Time to flip the script for your sensitive baby.

Snag your free seat.

#RootCauseRemedy: Get Relief for
Baby Gas, Reflux + Poop Problems